We all make them. Constantly. From the moment we wake up to the time we go back to sleep. We decide what to wear. We decide whether we have time or not to brush our teeth (ok…for some of us perhaps that’s a decision). We decide what avenues of business we are going to trek this certain day.

When it comes to business, we make decisions each and every single moment. Well, there’s one very important decision that Seth Godin very helpfully lays out for us this day. It’s quite simple,

Is the goal to get people to notice what we make?


Are we setting out to make something people choose to talk about?

There’s a nuanced difference here, isn’t there? Which one do you want? Well, think of it this way: we notice things all day long. From the advertisements on bus stops and the subway station, to the ads we see in our favorite magazines. But which ones do we talk about? We talk about the things that interest us; that capture and captivate the attention.

So which one is it? Are you setting out to get people to notice something…or are you setting out to get people to talk about something? The answer should be clear. Let’s get them talking. a term paper online