Facebook doesn’t just have its hand in the cookie jar, it’s tossed that cookie jar to the ground, broken it open and is devouring those cookies as we speak.

Ok, what am I talking about? Facebook is re-launching its marketing platform named Atlas. Atlas is a people-based marketing system that does not utilize cookies in its advertising.

What this essentially means is that Facebook is now able to target ads to you via mobile, tablet, and pc interfaces. With cookies marketers were not able to reach the mobile crowd, since cookies will not work on that medium.

But Atlas is a completely different sort of beast. It doesn’t rely upon cookies at all, and marketing thrust is entirely platform compatible.

What do we make of this, then? A new era in marketing is opening up to us. As more and more users interface with the internet via their smart phone, with Atlas we will now be able to target our ads specifically towards them.