Anyone in marketing knows that you are only as good as your content. Content drives your various social media marketing platforms. Whether it’s something like Facebook or even a “simple” tweet through twitter, such things can take hours to even days to properly craft. And in this age of instant information, we are always in need of new content.

This is why it’s essential to make content creation a group collaboration. Yes, you can have one main writer. He or she will do the majority of the communication. But you can also have set, brainstorm sessions where you bring together your team (depending on how large it is…maybe the heads of your team) and have them do a spot of content storming. This will help your content creator continue to craft the message and story of your company throughout the week and the month and it will also give you time to assess the efficacy of that message thus far.

Remember, content is king…but that doesn’t mean that it’s not also a collaborative effort. Don’t put all that stress on your content manager. Have them work and be a part of the team.

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