Just how important is marketing to business? TopRank Blog has a nice article on the future of business to business marketing where they predict that:

CMOs will take the pole position for CEO promotions. As marketing becomes the single biggest driver of business growth CMOs will ascend to run the whole shebang.

Woah. That’s placing a huge emphasis on content marketers and their future in business. Are you up to speed on your understanding of content marketing and the importance it plays in your own business?

This article is very nice because in many ways it’s a survey of industry leaders as they reflect upon the place of content marketing today and in the future.

Take for example this further advice from Jennifer Sable Lopez, the Director of Community at Moz:

The idea of taking big data and turning it into real-time, relevant content for your community, should be a no-brainer for the future.

These ideas just go to show not only how diverse content marketing is, but how it is still driving the future of business. So what do you say? Have you got your content, content, content ready to go?