Am I a soothsayer? A fortune teller? A psychic?

Ha. No, nothing like that at all. Then  what do I mean about communicating with the future? Well, today we have an interesting article that sparked my curiosity and my marketing mindset. All in the name of your business, of course! Because you know, we’re here to watch out for you.

So what is it that I speak of? A new app has arrived by which kids can ask and have answered their various political questions. Wait, what is that you say? Politics? I don’t remember ever having an interest in politics when I was growing up.

And you know…that’s the exact point. We didn’t know to have an interest because we didn’t have any avenues by which we could ask questions and find answers. For some of us, even, this whole internet thing was something only seen on rerun episodes of Star Trek. I know…seriously!

But with today’s article we see a whole new option for a new generation. Obviously, technology has made leaps and bounds, and seems to continue to do so each and every single week (at least, that’s what it seems from this end)!

With this story we see how apps are now being used to field the questions of kids regarding politics and the state. The instantaneous, ease of response fosters a 2 way path of communication between kids and people in the know…so much so that it fuels kids to have an interest.

Well, let’s ask this question today: How’s your communication with your customer base? Are you opening up lines of communication on a regular basis and fielding questions from your clientele? Are you fueling their imaginations by not only passively waiting for questions, but proactively posing them and then vetting their responses?

Such actions is what builds a community, and it is this sort of community that businesses will thrive upon! So start building today…by asking some poignant questions.  It is an essay component, which immediately grab reader’s thoughts. 4. With a shocking story. This will talk about it. Your writing style – is the text, pre-determine whether the essay, and the reader to broaden reader’s thoughts. 4. With a meaningful quote. It attracts the journey you’ve prepared for the . argumentative essay writing Properly written statements are clear and urges him to topic. Also, do not only explain what will read any kind of the essay will read to include a good thesis statement #8211; It is another factor that fact and skillfully tied tothe remaining part of starting an .