Hubspot has a very important article on buyer persona. What is a buyer persona? Essentially, it’s a mock up of your ideal, potential buyer of your product. It asks questions such as, what does he do for a living? Where does he live? How much income does he make, etc.?

Why is the creation of a buyer persona so important for your business? Well, for one thing it helps in marketing when you have an idea of who you are selling to. It’s counter-productive to try and market when you have no idea who you are marketing to.

So the reason we create a buyer persona is to market towards a specific person, an ideal buyer. A candidate, if you will. The buyer persona narrows the scope of your marketing so you can pinpoint your ads and campaigns to individuals, and not simply to thin air.

So take a look at the article today, and take the time to go through constructing your buyer persona. It will surely aid you in your marketing strategy.