Interesting new product coming out, it’s called the Smartmat. What is it? It’s a yoga mat that is meant to replace your yogi…your instructor. It uses calibrated sensors and your smartphone to assess your body position during various yoga positions. If your body position is off, or your weight is not distributed proportionately, the sensors will pick up on this and send a warning to your phone.

Take a look:

And, my point: Are you a replaceable yoga mat? 

Wait, when did we become yoga mats? Well, the moment people started innovating you right out the door and replacing you with internet services and the like. Are you replaceable? Are you like this mat above that does away with the yoga instructor altogether?

You better not be. No one should ever replace your one of a kind services and your extraordinary heart of service. Don’t let some automaton try to take your place. Make yourself accessible to your customers; put a face to your business and strive to show them continually how you are indispensable to all of their needs.