I know, I know…a fan is essentially shorthand for a fanatic. But we don’t always use the term in that fashion, do we? It’s almost as if the word “fanatic” carries with it a much stronger connotation. It reminds us of the devoted follower; of the, well…fanatic.

What kind of following are you trying to develop for your business? Are you developing the easy going fan, or are you seeking to develop the hardcore, devoted follower. The fanatic.

When it comes to the longevity of our businesses, what we need are long term fanatics. It’s this type of person who inevitably will do our marketing for us, by word of mouth. They will talk to their friends about your business, extolling it’s worth and value. They will support it in the face of competition. In short, they will be our cheerleaders.

So how do we get the fan to become a fanatic…what I would call a lifelong devotee? Well, today’s article does help with this idea. It’s focus is on developing content and material for your site that will build a devoted fan base; a devoted following.

How does one go about doing that? For starters, what you can do is make sure your particular platform of expression is suitable for your business. For example, if you are using LinkedIn as your main social media outlet, then you are most definitely doing a B2B type of business. Right? That’s what you’re doing…yes? Because that’s how LinkedIn is used. You see, if you were doing a consumer business but were using LinkedIn as your media platform, well then you are missing your client base almost entirely.

Our media has to be consistent and appropriately directed to take our people from fans to fanatics…to that loyal following base. Take a look at the other ideas this article has and get started on that fan base this morning.