inc. brings us a must read (c’mon, now how often do I tell you that something is must-read? Normally I say this is a “great” or “good” article, but I believe this is the first time we have ever said must read) article today on brand name marketing and how really, more than a slogan and more than an icon, it’s in the name that the business is made.

Here’s a taste:

“A name will last longer than any other investment you make in your business. Whether people see it on your storefront, read it on your badge at a tradeshow, or see it on their caller ID, your brand name makes a critical first impression–even more than your shoes.”

The article then goes through and gives example after example of such well-known brands as Starbucks, Nike, etc. And it shows how the name has really played a part in their overall monopolization of their market corner. Give it a read today, and start thinking about that name.