Well, no…that dictum, that any press, whether good or bad, is always good press; that saying is not necessarily true. How so? In an internet driven market where people spend more time reading peer reviews than critic reviews, bad peer reviews can actually kill a company.

Take a moment to consider the huge social media platform known as yelp. Yelp offers a wide variety of user reviews that people use when deciding where to eat or where to go to enjoy some entertainment.

People are more willing to listen to each other’s reviews rather than the professional reviewer. Why? Because people believe that if a person is not getting paid for their review (as the critic is), than they are going to be more honest. It’s that “honesty” which drives these companies.

So then, what do you do when that peer review system, such as yelp, in fact works against you? Good question…

Now take a look at the answer in today’s article.

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