Facebook, Facebook, Facebook. Is there any better platform out there and tool to use to get your message across to consumers? It is by far the (currently) most powerful tool to use when marketing to consumers.

But how about marketing to businesses? Yes, we are aware that b2c (business to consumer) marketing on Facebook is a no-brainer. But more and more companies are using the platform to market to other companies as well.

At a recent panel discussion hosted by MarketingProfs, the discussion was just that: b2b (business to business) via Facebook. Now this doesn’t mean that we ought to put up our schematics and blueprint designs for whatever products we have, but it does mean we can use the powerful social media platform to reach out and connect with other businesses on a regular basis.

So if you are running a b2b, Facebook is a necessary and powerful tool you cannot ignore in your own marketing platform. Like it, poke it, share it, friend it! It will most definitely have a deep return.