B2B (business to business) marketing can be a funny thing. When we do it we oftentimes approach it as if we are “talking” to an entity. Here is this business, whatever it may be, and we are going to approach it in a manner as if it’s an institution or edifice that we look at, gaze upon, and make comments about.

However, we are reminded today that b2b marketing is marketing done to people behind the business. There is always somebody, and as we market we want to touch that somebody, we want to interact with him or her.

That’s something to keep in mind as you read this article. It is helpful, and a necessary read for you today, because it puts a face to the business you may be interacting with. And as we have that face before us, marketing becomes that much easier…it’s no longer an entity, and edifice, but a person. And just as we talk to people on a regular, everyday manner, we need to talk to these businesses in the same way.

So put that face on that business and start talking today.