Well, what if I was to tell you that chances are, you’re probably below average! Now hold on, before you say “how dare you!!!!”; hear me out:

Did you know that most CEOs of companies have a very active social media life? According to Marketing Pilgrim, the “average” CEO has 3.9k followers on Twitter and 630 Facebook friends. Now do you see what I’m talking about when I say we may just be below average…sub-par when you look at those numbers.

So what do we need to do? Well, we need to leverage the power of social media and build out our connections via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and any other market.

Why is this so important? Because people today are social. Now, it may not seem so since they are all hidden behind a computer screen or, more importantly and typically, a phone screen. But you see…this is the very point. What are they doing? They are being social. They are on social networks conversing and connecting.

If we don’t connect with them via this means, well then…we are going to fall below average. Don’t be sub-par, be average (this is probably the only time you’ll ever hear me say that)!