When it comes to your business, having a public face is of extreme importance. This is oftentimes where an internet site will come in. It puts a face to the name and functions as a source of information to the masses. But what happens if people can’t find your site because your site’s name is difficult to remember?

Well, what happens is we no longer have a face to the name, let alone any remembrance of your company’s name. In fact, what will inevitably happen is that another site, which has an easy to remember name, will implant itself in the minds of our customers and we will in essence lose them to somebody else.

When an internet site name is too long or complicated, no matter how specific it may be, people will forget it and that site will fall off into obscurity. There has to be a better way of naming sites, and in fact, there is…

Don’t let this happen to your business. Take a look at this article and the strategy that is employed when making a memorable site. Think it through and let it help you today.