I hope not, but reports are that if you are using any of these 7 social media tactics, then you might be using an antiquated means of social media. Quick Sprout brings us 7 methods of outdated social media marketing to get us thinking about what we’ve been up to these days.

What are some of these outdated methods, you may be wondering?

Obsolete tactic #1: Posting whenever you’re free

Posting daily or whenever you have time isn’t ideal. Why? Because your followers may not be online when you are posting.

That means no one is going to see the content you are promoting.

This is a huge issue in social media marketing. And we need to be very aware of this one, because if we’re not careful, people will not be around to see our content.

How about this one (I see this one all the time):

Obsolete tactic #7: Adding one too many social sharing buttons to your site

If you want people to share articles on your site, what do you do? Add social sharing buttons to your site, right?

But did you know adding one too many social buttons to your site can hurt your traffic? I tested placing 3, 4, and 5 different social media options on Quick Sprout. When I reduced the button count from 5 to 3, I was able to increase my click-through rate by 11%.

Take a look at the rest and see if you are a culprit of any of these.