Data Security is all over the news these days. The cloud and pictures have been the rave these days. I’m sure you have heard something of it; probably dismissed it off hand as well. I know I did.

But recently, another story popped up…probably one like countless others, but for whatever reason it caught my eye this fine morning. What is it?

6 Steps to Data Customers. Or something like that…ha, you may think right now, “Wait a minute; isn’t the title important?”

Not really. What’s important is the intent. Google is publishing the above article to assure there customers that everything is “A-0k!” And I don’t mean that in a sarcastic way. I think this is vitally important. Why?

The media has really made a huge story out of Apple’s data leak and security breach issues of late. Google’s response is interesting, in a 2 pronged manner:

  1. Yes, they are absolutely reassuring their people that sensitive material is under wraps and secure
  2. Yes, they are advertising their services as a much better source of protection and security over and against Apple

Do you see what google is doing here? They are making a jab and a play for Apple customers. Under the guise of innocuous help, they are actually entering into a bidding war with Apple’s customers and luring them over to, what they claim, is a better service.

Now I’m not saying that you need to prey upon the customers of your rivals. But you can learn a thing or two from what’s going on with this cloud breach.

Are we reassuring our customers and answering all of their concerns?

Are we developing and maintaining product that is superior to that of our rivals and letting them know we are here?

Something interesting to think about while you back up all your information from the cloud and move it over to google!